TheraSauna TS5951WM Far Infrared Sauna – 2 Person

Add-on Accessories

  • ACCESSORY KIT: Magazine Rack, Towel Hook, Drink Holder, Back Rest

TheraSauna® Full Spectrum Far Infrared Sauna

Pioneering Wellness with TheraMitters™ At TheraSauna®, we are dedicated to enhancing your health and wellness. Our saunas feature proprietary, high glass-content, solid-ceramic TheraMitters™ designed to emit far-infrared at the proper watt/density, allowing for deep body penetration. This process induces profuse sweating, effectively detoxifying the body and promoting a deep sense of well-being.

Efficiency Perfected Our solid ceramic heaters boast a 96% radiant efficiency rating, representing our commitment to providing a superior sauna experience. Handcrafted in the U.S.A., TheraSauna® offers a patented control system for precise temperature regulation, ensuring you reach the optimal far-infrared micron level of 9.4 consistently.

Innovative StableHeat™ Technology TheraSauna®'s patented StableHeat™ technology maintains the most constant and beneficial levels of far infrared, making each session with TheraSauna® a step towards better health.

Aspen Hardwood: The Mark of Quality As the sole company to utilize non-toxic and non-allergenic aspen hardwood, TheraSauna® ensures a safe, hypoallergenic environment, free from harmful toxins.

Safety and Certification Adhering to strict safety standards, TheraSauna® full spectrum saunas are ETL and CE certified in the US, Canada, and Europe, with very low EMF levels compared to other materials used in the industry.

QCA Spas: A Tradition of Excellence As the parent company of TheraSauna®, QCA Spas has been a certified American manufacturer of far infrared saunas since 1966, showcasing our longstanding commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Therasauna Infrared Sauna Features:

  • Capacity: 2 Person Plus with a comfortable Straight Bench design.
  • Dimensions: Spacious 59” x 50” x 78” interior.
  • Construction: Crafted with Non-Toxic Aspen Hardwood for purity and longevity.
  • Heaters: 10 TheraMitter™ Heaters for comprehensive and even heating.
  • Visibility: Smoke Glass Door and 2 Side Windows for an inviting and open aesthetic.
  • Controls: User-friendly Soft Touch 4 Button LCD Control Panel.
  • Convenience: Standard 120 Volt / 20 Amp Outlet compatibility.
  • Ambiance: 7 External LED Roof Lights for a serene atmosphere.
  • Interior: Tongue & Groove design for elegant craftsmanship.
  • Lighting: Dimmable Sconce Light, equipped with a 60 Watt Bulb.
  • Ventilation: Ceiling Vent for optimal air circulation.
  • Compliance: Meets or exceeds ETL and CE safety requirements.

Elevate your home wellness routine with TheraSauna® and experience the pinnacle of far infrared therapy.

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2 Person

Heater Type

Ceramic Theramitter