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Structural Features

Dimensions 92? x 92?
Depth 35?
Seating Capacity 6
Water Capacity (gal/liters) 364/1,378
Weight (empty/full) 860/4,020
DuraMAAXTM Cabinetry Yes
Steel Substructure Yes
Molded Pan Bottom Yes
Northern Exposure? Insulation System Yes
Freeze/Overheat Protection System Yes
Therapy Features
Pump 1 3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 240V, 2SP
Pump 2 3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 240V, 2SP
Electrical Requirements:
(4-Wire) 240V/40A/60A
Jet Total 38
Neck Relief Station Yes
Premium Features
ClearMAAX? Filtration System (2?50 sqft.) Yes
Illuminated Drink Holders 3
3.5? Underwater Spa Light with
Color Optic Lighting Yes
Illuminated Controls Yes
Illuminated Water Features Yes
Optional Features
CleanZone System

CleanZoneII UV System Yes
Bluetooth Music System Yes
AeroMAAX with 10 Air
Injectors Yes
Stainless Steel Jets Yes
2nd Neck Relief Station Yes
Wifi Connectivity Yes